What's your political IQ?

January 14, 2020



Increase your political I.Q. Meet the candidates & the issues

Lets start with women's increased leading role in politics. When women run, many more women get out and vote. Take the power of women's vote into consideration as they facilitate major change in leading issues. We plan to share insight and ideas on how women will shape the election season to come so stay tuned and contribute to the conversation when you can on our social media outlets. (Twiter @infocustvonline)


  We're using our media resources to focus on the dynamics of the elections that are occurring on a local, state, and federal level, from the city council and judicial elections all the way to the White House. To do that we plan to provide balanced insight and perspectives to raise your political IQ and to cultivate more informed voters in our communities.

What's so interesting as we evaluate the lay of the land this election season is the fact that there continues to be a wave of progressive women running for office at every level.

Women are strong contenders an elections that range from Elizabeth Warren who's running for president of the United States to Daniella Levine Cava (Shown speaking at the Women's Power Caucus Forum on the right)  running locally for Miami-Dade county Mayor.

 Additionally, women are now raising money at levels previously unseen. Our aim at IN FOCUS TV online is to provide weekly highlights on the people who are taking a stand, running to represent their prospective communities and asking for your vote. We will cross the region with the stories behind the people taking a shot at public service and the triumphs and struggles that come with a campaign.

 Lisa Davis is running for Mayor of Miami Gardens, focusing on fighting crime and elevating quality of life opportunities for seniors and youth in the city.


We're also trying to work to position you as a greater stronger influencer capable of helping others make their decisions this election season. Our content will keep you updated, not from a news perspective but more about issues that are long-term challenges.


To weigh in on the issues around raising your political IQ, and be a part of our political advisory and communications committee just reach out to us:



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