AutoFOCUS Awards Set for Saturday

October 29, 2019

IN FOCUS TV online subscribes get discounted passes for the  18TH annual AutoFOCUS Awards  this Saturday. The annual gathering of influencers in media, entertainment, tech and government features activities,contests art and parties.

 LMGE is among just a few minority-owned automotive media outlets in the region catering to a culture that fuses design, music, fashion and automotive engineering. The firm continues to open doors to new audiences for manufacturers, suppliers and influencer-conscience brands.


With a lineup of sponsors including The Miami International Auto Show, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota, the AutoFOCUS Awards features interactive activities, fashion oriented contests that include the iconic South Beach Chic Fashion Step-up and the fun-filled “Flyest Shoes” contest. 


To register for passes for the 2019 AutoFOCUS Awards, first log in to Eventbrite at and search AutoFOCUS Awards. For daily social media updates on Twitter: @Autofocusworld on Instagram: @Autofocusworld  on FB: AutoFOCUS Awards on Youtube AutoFOCUS World and web channel access at


Can we Party? LMGE Team challenges AutoFOCUS Awards attendees to "party-right



"The beautiful, colorfully dressed people at the AutoFOCUS Awards came to have a great time" said Tony Lesesne one of the producers of the event. "We're going to let them cut loose even more than last year by bringing the party to the event" he added. LMG Entertainment announced the addition of the "Party Zone" as a part of the 2019 AutoFOCUS Awards program. "We're entering the heart of the Fall season and this is a great time, and the perfect venue to kick off the Holiday Season" said Woodie Lesesne, co-producer.  

LMGE’s AutoFOCUS Awards selects its first-ever 

2019 Digital Influencers in upcoming presentation

Glenn Benjamin, a tech executive and Lawanda Robinson, a Governmental business advocate will be recognized as the first-ever Digital Influencer selections during the 2019 AutoFOCUS Awards and celebration this Saturday at the Miami International Auto Show. 


Victor Haye (pictures above) and other notable achievers will receive the first-ever Influencer Awards during the 2019 AutoFOCUS Awards hosted by IN FOCUS TV online and LMG Entertainment. Haye is the 2018 sports car racing series champion in the FARA endurance and Sprint racing series. Haye is also a successful design architect and his produce some notable projects to include Lauderhill International cricket Stadium Lauderhill City Hall. 

"I am honored to be the 2019 "Auto Industry Influencer of the Year" said Haye. "We make an enormous effort to insure the serieous Motorsport life remains fun and stylish for our families, friends and mostly fans. Thanks to AutoFOCUS World for recognizing our hard work, focus nd dedication to our craft.

Glen Benjamin is a South Florida based tech executive with LanInfo Tech that has connected LMGE social media outlets like IN FOCUS TV online, and AutoFOCUS World’s Twitter and Instagram. “Glenn understands how to work with us to build a broader tech-savvy community together” said Tony C. Lesesne CCO of LMG Entertainment. “I’m truly honored and humbled,” said Benjamin. “I highly respect LMG here in the South Florida Community he added. “By using my Social Media Platforms, I share and collaborate with business leaders in multiple spaces including Technology. I truly want to acknowledge Woodie and Tony for their passion and never-ending support in the community and for this wonderful gesture on my behalf.“


Lawanda Robinson, a Miami-Dade based government executive advocating for small business development with Miami Dade County. Robinson is a leading resource for information and activations relating to the small business community in South Florida. Robinson makes it her business to know and share what matters to small business. 





Ft. Lauderdale Tech executive Albert Gibbs will receive the Community Influencer Award for his groundbreaking work with his AG Academy. The community-based organization, under his leadership, has distributed college scholarships to numerous youth in the Broward area and his annual free haircut event has become a community mainstay.



 Maria Ravani will receive the Media Influencer Award for her Sobre Rodas print publication highlighting dynamic cars, trucks and SUVs. She represents an growing impact of South Florida's international business provider in media. She has been a consistent reliable professional and ardent member of the Southern Automotive Media Association. 



The Digital Influencer celebrates an individual's social media engagement with LMGE social media accounts. Glenn and Lawanda synergizes with LMGE to build communities of awareness, and progress. To register for the 2019 AutoFOCUS Awards celebration, log in to Eventbrite at

Social media Twitter: @Autofocusworld Instagram: @Autofocusworld FB: AutoFOCUS Awards

Youtube: AutoFOCUS World  Web site click AutoFOCUS.




 One of the annual treats of the AutoFOCUS Awards is the South Beach Chic dress code - like these..























As you can see, South Bach Chic covers a lot of ground, but the main idea is to go for the three C's : comfort, colors and class. Hey, remember, a party could break out at any moment. See you Saturday.




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