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August 7, 2019

African-American millennials are making a positive impact on the world and we are seeing it more and more each day. Albert Gibbs founded the A.G. Leadership Academy in South Florida to help kids, including a free haircut opportunity for youngsters heading back to school. We are proud to produce this intimate interview with Mr. Gibbs so please check out the IN THE ZONE web tv show below and be inspired.


Meanwhile on the Fashion Front, our new pilot web show is called Cultural Flavors, all about art, fashion, design and style. Woodie Lesesne hosts this short but powerful look at the evolving career of the one and only Carlous Palmer. Check out the show below.





Our mid-summer schedule will be released next week Monday, so stay tuned for updates. 



Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 2nd when we host one of the coolest events of the fall season; the AutoFOCUS Awards and Miami International Auto Show VIP experience. 


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