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July 17, 2019

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Lisa Davis, former Councilwoman and candidate for Mayor of Miami Gardens to be a part of the 2019 Women's Power Caucus WPC this weekend.


Lisa Davis will be on hand for the 2019 Women's Power Caucus this weekend. The seasoned veteran in governing is vice Mayor of the city of Miami Gardens, and she has led numerous initiatives and built an impressive resume. She has recently turned her attention to the Mayor seat with a recent announcement that she's ready to run. Davis will  share her unique perspective as a power player and the important factors that help her utilize and manage her power and influence to help the residents she serves. 

Davis will also participate in an open dialogue with women to help them trouble shoot the challenges they face when expanding and diversifying power and impact during the WP|C.

To register for the WPC and be a part of the Power Packed sessions and fun, click the Eventbrite link below





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