HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT Black Panther: Five Reasons for its Blockbuster Success

February 27, 2018


Reviewing movies for you for www.infocustv.online is both fun and challenging. That's because when you agree, its all gravy, but when you don't, I know its gonna be a head to head debate.

So I won't argue that BLACK PANTHER is a great film. I'll break down the reasons WHY its a great film. Click the screen above and check out the brief Hollywood Spotlight segment and give your feedback below.

The movie of the season has caught on like a wildfire among film fans. There have been group outings and lots of people are bragging that they've seen it more than once. So if you haven't already seen BLACK PANTHER, then you're in the minority. The blockbuster movie is breaking records and galvanizing fans around the globe.) 



 Among the five reasons I say this film is one of the best of the year is the group of captivating female characters that take this film to new levels of excitement, along with lots of action, sex appeal, power and grace...not to mention old fashioned kicking-butt. 


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