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Tom Cruise & Top Gun battling Elvis: Hollywood Spotlight


As of Sunday June 27th the top two films of the week were neck and neck: Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick are in a dead heat for No. 1, with both Warner Bros and Paramount respectively calling each film at $30.5M for the weekend. But as movie-goers have absorbed all the excitement of Top Gun Maverick, ELVIS has found room to pull ahead to the #1 spot.

"Elvis" has won its box-office danceoff with "Top Gun: Maverick." After the two films reported the same ticket sales Sunday, Monday's final numbers has "Elvis," alone, as king of the weekend. "Elvis" ultimately grossed $31.1 million from Friday to Sunday, according to Warner Bros. ' final figures Monday.

Top Gun: Maverick had a slightly lower average ticket price over Elvis, $12.47 to $12.52.

Paramount is calling the 5th weekend for Top Gun: Maverick at -32% dip from weekend 4, after a Saturday night that beat Elvis‘, $12M to $10M.

If you boil this face-off down to admissions, box office analytics firm InTelligence is calling the weekend in favor of Top Gun Maverick, with 2.5M admissions to Elvis’ 2.4M admissions.

Industry average weekend estimates show Elvis ahead of Top Gun: Maverick, $30.1M to $29.965M.

Elvis, which also features Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley, Kelvin Harrison Jr. as B.B. King, Shonka Dukureh as Big Mama Thornton, and Alton Mason as Little Richard, arrived in theaters on Friday with a tall task at hand. The stron opening weekend at least gives it the legs it needs to be respeced in the long run.

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in 1998, Wesley Snipes brought us Blade, is one of the films that serves as the cornerstone for the building of the Marvel Comics Universe on film. It was and still is one of the coolest, edgiest modern day vampire slayer film.

Blade is a classic action film about to get a reboot. Blade is a fun, dark, delightfully violent action movie. The protagonist isn't really a good guy but he's doing us all a big favor by taking out his revenge on the vampires he hunts.

Blade possesses all of a vampire's strengths but not their weaknesses. His superhuman strength, stamina, senses, and accelerated healing works perfectly for this incredible skilled fighter.

The new installation was supposed to be under way, but NO! The filming start date for the has reportedly been pushed back by three months.

The character will be played by Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali. Details about this Blade reboot are not being shared with any of us, but stay tuned.


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