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THE EVOLUTION OF PROTESTS: Women's voices on the forefront

The role of Women in protests historically As far back as the Women's suffrage movement, which celebrates it's 100th anniversary this year, women leaders and organizers have been marching and protesting for their rights and that of others. The women's March of January 21, 2017, a day after Donald Trump took office, was an example of large groups of women coming together, demanding equity and fairness in healthcare, equal pay, standing against gender bias, and economic opportunity  businesses.

Generations coming together

What's evidently clear in these protests, though heavily driven by millennials is that grandmother's, daughter's, granddaughters represented multiple generations, of women from the Black, Brown, white, and Asian communities, making their voices heard, demanding social justice and police reform. They came armed with signs, energy, passion, and some with past experiences and clear frustrations over fighting for the same issues time and time again. The clear messages were around "No Justice No Peace" and "Defund the Police" This was a rallying cry for George Floyd and the countless other lives taken by Police violence. Today's millennial is armed with cell phone cameras, their voice and access to the Internet to broadcast in real-time are bringing eyes to the immediate issues on the ground, locally, nationally and internationally.

The Black Lives Matter movement #BLM is producing new leaders, all around the country and in your local communities. The Miramar Florida Protest walk on June 10th is sure to propel some of these young voices as representatives of the movement into leadership roles.  These young women understand they have the power in numbers and are standing up today to help bring about the change, they want to see. They are demanding change now.

"The evolution of protests is a series of multimedia digital content presented by LMG entertainment. The goal is to highlights the growth and effective changes modern protests have adopted to make long term changes towards the social justice system"

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