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The Civil Rights Revival: Unavoidable in today's climate

By Woodie Lesesne, President/COO, LMG Entertainment

The Civil Rights Revival is a special series presented by Infocus TV aimed at increasing political awareness, providing election updates and direct perspectives from

the Infocus team, during the election season and beyond.

Why is political awareness nearly unavoidable? This is the first time in history that I can recall so many major disruptions in our society; from social unrest and a confrontation with police violence to an international pandemic crippling the planet and the world economies.

It's hard to avoid the fact that politics is front and center everywhere; on social media, in the streets of America, and in the news everywhere. Legions of celebrities are talking about it and involved, highlighting the fact that politics determines how our society works and urging their fans to be a part of the solution, awareness is essential. The curtains have been pulled back and now it's out in the open where people and groups in our nation can express their opinions. If there's one clear reminder that political awareness is unavoidable, take a look at the life journey and recent passing of Congressman John Lewis.


The late great Congressman John Lewis showed us that if you don't participate in the political process you give up your voice, your rights, and even your freedoms. He made it clear that voting was one of the most powerful tools in the civil rights movement. He put his life on the line advocating for a fair and just system, the right to vote and an equal and just society.

To John Lewis and so many other legendary patriots, avoiding the issues plaguing America can be disastrous. He chose to live a life of service highlighted by the fact that political awareness and activism was and is key to effectuate change. To get the results he fought for, he was willing to get into a little GOOD Trouble to help this country reach its full potential.



Hurricane Prep - Summer 2020 - Its on!

We are now facing an unprecedented time in American society. There are many crises that are taking place at the same time including COVID 19 which has shut down much of world's normal activities and claimed the lives of over 500,000 people globally. We are also facing political and social unrest all around the country with protests and demonstrations taking place in many of the World's major cities. In addition, it is hurricane season and here in South Florida, it's going to be a very active season and So Infocus TV and FPL have teamed up to help you and give you some really great tips that can help prepare you for Hurricane season in these challenging times.

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