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Beyond Insight: How to Motivate as a Leader with Maxwell Chambers

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Click the link above to watch the video version of this presentation.

Once again Beyond Insight brings you solutions to challenges we face everyday in your effort to level up. In this episode, we focus on Motivation and how to apply tips that work best for your followers, supporters and team members.

Without the ability to motivate others, leadership becomes weak and ineffective. Therefore new leaders and veterans must continually learn and adapt to all the nuances that comes with motivating others to get the job done and move the mission forward.

In this episode we bring our guest Maxwell Chambers, vice mayor of Miramar, Florida takes the time to share what he's learned about motivating people to get things done. You'll be surprised at some of his answers, and some of his tips. Each tip may all work for you or perhaps only a few of them may apply. The important take away here is that you apply what you can and improve on each of them.

Be sure to make a comment about what you learned from this episode of beyond insight.

One of the quickest things leaders learn is how difficult it is to motivate people within their organization. Motivation is an internal driver for most people and therefore those that don't have it have a difficult time getting it and can get complacent aboard easily.

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