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MEMORIAL DAY: A personal perspective

by Woodie Lesesne

Memorial Day means honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We know that freedom isn't free. Memorial Day reminds us that freedom is a hard-earned status full of incredible sacrifices and freedom should be guarded with fierceness. We all know that there are those who stepped up and have made the ultimate sacrifice. They did what many would not.

In honor of these men and women and their families our businesses are closed today. We pay homage to our fallen military men and women and recognize this is not in my view a celebration, it's a day of recognition. I’m spending the day with my family but first, I'm sharing this blog post about this special day.

Spending time with family and friends is vital on a day like today because it also recognizes, from my viewpoint, the value of life and being able to share it in a free country. That is just one way that we acknowledge this occasion. We thank the families of the fallen, Gold Star Families, who have endured so much and who too have given the ultimate sacrifice of a lost loved one.

There are many traditions on Memorial Day to honor these brave men and women. They include flying the flag at half mast, putting flags in your yard, putting flags at the cemetary or resting place, recognition ceremonies and the sharing of stories to name a few. The closing of public facilities and schools allow for these important traditions. The most important thing is to take a moment to pause, and reflect and recognize those that we honor on this Memorial Day.

In closing, I attended the ceremony kicking off the Hyundai Air and Sea Show over Memorial day Weekend in South Florida. There was even a spirited swearing in ceremony for new enlistees, in front of community and family members. The commander who spoke noted that only one percent of the U.S. population serves in the military. With that, she agan reminded us that they represent the best of the best of all of us, because they are willing to serve and do what many will not do for the benefit of others.


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