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Marvel "What If?", an exciting spin on the Marvel formula

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Marvel "What if" is the latest animated series from Disney-Marvel Studios and now furthers the multiverse hopping adventures of our favorite Marvel characters, planting them in unique, unexpected roles within their own altered storylines. Expect to see timeline bending events like T'Challa, king of Wakanda as Starlord, Peggy Carter shifting from a British intelligence agent and romantic interest of Steve Rogers (Captain America) is now Captain Carter herself. Even villains like Killmonger of Black Panther switch things up and join The Avengers while befriending Tony Stark (Iron Man) in his origin story.

We see a glimpse of multiverse hijinks taking place as the original lineup of the Avengers is shifted around to other heroes normally elsewhere in the galaxy within the MCU.

Keen-eyed fans might have even seen the Marvel Zombies timeline pop in to cause chaos as our favorite heroes are zombified one by one. We're beyond hyped to see some of these scenarios play out in an animated, cinematic style and look forward to reviewing the full series. In the meantime stay tuned to Hollywood Spotlight on Infocus TV for more entertainment content.

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