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All Politics is Local: Miami Gardens exciting election season

By TC Lesesne

All politics is local! Learn that and you'll be on your way. As an example, let's take a trip over to Miami Gardens, Florida. We arrive just in time. It's opening day of early voting at the North Dade Regional Library. It was basically an outdoor political gathering.

Everywhere you turn, there are waves of campaign signs, one beside the next. Campaign volunteers buzz about helping voters remember who's running. Candidates from various political races from the house and Senate to County commission and a few candidates for mayor meet and greet voters. You want local? The face to face access to the candidates by residents is an example of the potential impact of local politics.




Yes, politics is local, where the action is. Local politics is where the greatest amount of impact can be made by voters, advocates, influencers and PAC's. with that said, Miami Gardens will be fun to watch because voters will select plenty of new council members and also a new mayor. Three of the four candidates are women.

A little bit about Miami Gardens. Founded on May 13, 2003, Miami Gardens is 16 miles north of Downtown Miami. bordering I-95 on the east to NW 57th Avenues on the west. Broward County line is on the north, to 151st Street on the south. With an estimated population of 110,000 Miami Gardens is the largest city in Florida with a majority African American population. It is home of the Miami Dolphins, Top Golf and numerous cargo and manufacturing companies. Miami Gardens has plenty of parks, trails, plazas, and ethnic restaurants.

Candidates on a local level can appreciate the love they get from family, friends, classmates from back in the day and in some cases, co-workers. Local politics is where the sparks of future leadership is crafted and special interests are born and cultivated. Local politics is also where priorities are shaped.

A large portion of the city sits in the shadow of its largest resident and one of the worlds most recognized brand; The iconic Miami Dolphins football franchise. Not only does the team play at the Hard Rock Stadium, the Dolphins are putting the finishing touches on their home office and training camp on the premises.

Hard Rock Stadium is also home to the Miami Open Tennis tournament, which attracts the best players in the world and their fans. The stadium and its tenants have placed the city on the map. If nothing else, Hard Rock has placed the city on the international stage.

Stay tuned for more 2020 elections perspectives from Miami Gardens and more exciting races. candidates and updates from across the state and the nation.

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